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         Healing the BrokEnHearted Ministry, Inc.

Canie Ministries Christian books, music, speaking & singing events, conveys supernatural power, miracles, healing, transformation & empowerment.

"This book contains true-life stories and testimonies that will be a vital factor in building the reader’s confidence of achieving success and in experiencing the supernatural in the midst of, or after, brokenness. The experiences and occurrences mentioned herein will highly inspire and motivate everyone to quickly maneuver his or her direction from heading towards further brokenness, which could lead to a disastrous end, to instead get over the hurts as quickly as possible so that the brokenness is turned to a footstool for success!

It is the author’s expectation for the reader to actually experience the supernatural, a life that is transformed, and be in that level of life that the reader never thought he or she could ever accomplish or be at! At the end, the reader will want to face the world once more, but this time, challenged, of seeing a life that is better, victorious, and transformed!"

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The music CD "I Will Hear" conveys a strong message about God saying, "When you do...I Will!"

The songs in this CD will help you know the unsurpassable power of God and experience the same when we do what He says we should do...and most of all, know His conditional love and His compassion to reach out His hand to anyone who wants to do better and humble enough to ask God for help... 

Would you like limitless accomplishments, victory, success, and abundance in life? Know how to activate the Supernatural power, know where and when it starts – and how to stay in it! When you possess such power, no one can stop you, take away from you, or destroy you all the way!

Canie will inspire you to dream once more…have visions…and expect the Supernatural…rebuild what has been lost and save that what is about to be lost!

She will share the “What” and the “How” of having, becoming, and rebuilding despite nothingness…and to soar high with wings like an eagle! What is it that you are failing to do?

Find out that “thing” that is robbing you from what rightfully belongs to you.
Find out how to possess the power that only you can release to heal, change, and rebuild…

Check this awesome philippine version of the "Healing the Broken Hearted" Music CD. A good compliment of the english version!

 One day, Canie woke up and found herself abandoned, all alone, and left with nothing. She said, "I would not have known who God really is and the reality of God's miracles if I have not gone through brokenness." She hopes that this CD will bring healing, restoration, and hope...

This CD is a compilation of messages from true life experiences about life being restored, captives being set free, the power of love, and many more...