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Canie Ministries Christian books, music, speaking & singing events, conveys supernatural power, miracles, healing, transformation & empowerment.

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                   "Inspire Women"

              (Iron Sharpens Iron)

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Women fellowshipping, sharing, praying, and helping each other, IRON sharpens IRON every last Sunday of the month 11 AM -12:30 PM, lunch.

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​​​​Coping Up with Blended Family            



 "Philippine - American Concert"

               with Book Signing


                  "A life changing event!!!"

      Hear Testimonies of God's Supernatural Power!!

FREE Music CD with Book copy for a donation.

        Enjoy Food, Music,  Fellowship!!!

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March 31, 2018, Saturday; 4-6 PM at 626 8th Street. Salem VA                                             24153


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